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Being involved in the field of Computer Science in today’s day and age is a great choice. People are making money from their laptop away from an office with just a WiFi connection. Traveling the world, enabling people across the world to connect and share, or generally just taking back more time in their life from the grunge of commuting. In my own way, I’ve been fortunate enough to make the world my office since I started working professionally as a Software Engineer.

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One of my favorite places to work. I actually do have cell service here!

The resources required to make money as a developer no longer includes a degree in Computer Science as a minimum. Programming Bootcamps, institutions to teach people the necessary skills to become Software Engineers, have exploded in popularity. In many cases it’s replaced a Computer Science degree as a viable way to getting a job in the field of Software Development; A ‘fast track’.

Additionally, content to learn how to build skills in various disciplines of Computer Science has also followed. Blog posts, online courses, and teaching services like Treehouse make it easier to get your feet wet and actually become skilled enough to make money in the field without college or formal training.

While access to the content to learn skills to make money in the field of Computer Science is easier and more accessible than ever, the direction to get started and the resources to get help and continue learning is still lacking. The cost of higher education like college degrees is increasing, and even bootcamps charge about $15,000 for 3 months.

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Traveled to Colorado to visit some great friends. No vacation days needed.

This website is my attempt to close that gap. I intend to help people take advantage of the resources that exist in a way that will build real world skills, familiarity with some of the common tools and concepts in the field, and getting started in marketing yourself as a capable developer so that you can improve your skills.

Rather than taking a authoritative, informative approach, I’ve preferred to make it more personal. With that said, content will include my travels and activites which this occupation has afforded me.

Much of the recommendations I’ve adopted to develop my strengths have come from lessons that have been echoed across the internet, in addition to hard lessons that I’ve learned over the years.

The works I plan to release is a culmination of advice and direction I’ve refined from working with countless people on their own journey to be better in the past few years. It’s help that I wish I had that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

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A workcation in the Philippines earlier this year. I worked at night (since that was daytime in the US), slept in the morning, and traveled in the afternoon and evening.

I don’t expect to have all the answers, and the path I’ve taken on my career hasn’t been perfect. I’ve had to ‘mess up’ and ‘lose’ to learn a lot of the lessons and skills that have become my strengths. Because of my journey through the tough lessons, I’m confident that my experience can help you become better.

As this effort to build Better Developer grows into a valuable resource to help people learn and improve, through collaboration, correction, and feedback, I expect to grow with you all too.

Thanks, Corey Prak