Better Developer

Corey Prak


Introductions; Become a Better Developer!

No matter what you intend to do, at the very least, I’d like to offer an introductory one on one discussion to try and see if I can help. Not only will this help to give you direction, improve your efficiency, or fill in the gaps of your knowledge, but it will give me more experience at being better with helping people.

Please personally message me the following answers (be as open, private, detailed, or incomplete as you like). I’d like to know your:

background current goals and long term ones time commitment / schedule in learning technologies you’re interested in how long you’ve been on this journey for resources you’ve been utilizing your experience level with the technologies relevant to you difficulties you’ve faced things you wish existed that would help you Consider the items in bold. I want to know your obstacles so that I can learn to help you and others overcome them.

From here, I’ll try to provide as much as I can about:

gaps in your experience that can make you useful in ‘the real world’ better resources more defined goals and direction improving your efficiency Of the countless hours and people I’ve had this conversation with, I have yet to run into someone that I was not able to help. I don’t flex my ego often, but I’m #CONFIDENT #AF that I can be of use to you.